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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Papercut giveaway! Plants and lamps

I'm on a roll with the paper cutting - James bought me a drawing table for my birthday and I slotted my cutting mat onto it and hey presto: no more hunching over the living room table!

To celebrate my increased productivity and improved working conditions I thought I'd giveaway my latest papercut: 

I really like how this little guy turned out! I love the lamp...its a vintage red anglepoise that we picked up in a Crystal Palace second hand shop and I use it for all my crafting and cutting so it seems like a fitting tribute. 

So how do you enter? Well, this lamp is one of my favourite things in our home - so leave a comment on here or over on my Instagram post (or link on the right) telling me what your favourite piece in your home is. 

We are in the process of buying a house (eek!) and we'd love some inspiration!

This is open to anyone anywhere and postage is included. 

I'll choose a winner at random on Saturday 30th April. 

(A bit more about the piece: Its an original piece of papercut art, designed and handcut by me from layers of artist quality paper. Its 10cm x 15cm so will easily pop into a standard sized photo frame) 

Thanks for in inspiration and good luck!

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