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Sunday, 10 April 2016

DIY terracotta plant pots

I have always loved plants. When I was a kid I used to save up my pocket money to buy African violets...very rock and roll of me, I know. 

Since we moved to London I have been slowly accumulating a new family of house plants and a couple of years in, some of them are in need of re-potting....which was a good excuse to do a DIY I had in mind for plain terracotta pots.

Pots are annoyingly expensive and most of the time not what I really want anyway. I really like terracotta but it does get a bit same-y if you have a lot of plants in one room.

I picked up a few different sizes of pots from my local hardware store. They were only a couple of quid each. I also got 2 pots of gloss paint in magnolia and turquoise - look for little 'small project' or tester pots to save money unless you have other projects in mind for the rest of the pot.

Stuff I needed: pots, masking tape (I actually used packing tape as I didn't have masking tape to hand which was fine but masking is probably better), brushes, white spirit and gloss paint.

I just wanted to try something simple so decided to try one colour block type-pot and one drip...

So for the drip one...



I upended a pot and started by painting the base and slowly easing the paint towards the edge until it began to form drips and trickle down the sides of the pot. 

I think in retrospect I could have thinned the paint down a bit. I was quite thick and when it dried it went a bit crinkly. I don't really mind it though and James just described it as looking 'organic'. Fine. 

For the colour block one I taped off the base of the pot and painted the upper half. I also painted the inner inch and a half or so in the pot... I just think this gives it a more finished look but its down to personal preference.

I left it to dry for a few hours and then peeled off the masking (packing) tape. Very satisfying.



They aren't perfect but I think they turned out well and unlike some other projects I have done, I don't mind the imperfections.

I really like the colour block ones - I'll be doing more of them for sure. And maybe something with more stripes or zig zags? I'll need to pick up some masking tape for that!

I think my plants look pretty happy with their new homes.

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