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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks - catch up

It's been a while since my last post..... I haven't been immersed in papercutting, but I have been busy with the 'Capture Real Life in 52 weeks' course from A Beautiful Mess.

This course has been so fun. The weekly prompts make me think about different aspects of my daily life and take pictures of things that I wouldn't ordinarily. 

The first week was 'good morning, goodnight' and I posted about it here.

Here's a summary of the past few weeks: 

Week 2: Guilty pleasures - This was hard as I turns out that I don't actually feel that guilty about stuff like music, I love Bon Jovi but I am out and proud about that. But thinking of it, James and I go out for dinner, a lot. I feel guilty about it, and it's (usually) a pleasure! Also, I'm a sucker for a pub...especially this one, a boat with a view of Westminster!

Week 3: Nature - This was not hard at all. And awesomely coincided with James and I doing  a few walks... in particular an 8 mile walk from Richmond to Wimbledon, walking through Richmond Park which is one of the largest parks in London. 

It was pretty great how this theme coincided with the start of spring here. I moan about the weather in the UK pretty much all the time but there the spring flowers here are really the most beautiful thing.

Top left, daffs were at the Horniman Gardens, top right was the Pen Ponds at Richmond Park and left, I'm not quite sure...but these magnolias are all over the place. 

Week 4: Outtakes - Trying to catch the 'inbetween' moments. Fun as not something I haven't tried before. 

This is by the garages behind our flat (where the foxes live). There is this old guy who goes out every morning at half seven to feed the seagulls. I think he thought I was a bit mad but I really love the way these pictures turned out. 

Week 5: Mini album - So each month there is a challenge to make an album with a different technique, the first one was stamps. I used this as a prompt to start scrapbooking some old stuff, starting with James and I's first holiday in Seville. After my first rocky start with scrapbooking I actually really enjoyed this and the stamps were really fun to use.

 I really liked the stamping made to look like the Seville oranges...

Four weeks done! It's been really fun. 
I have just finished week 6 so I'll post about that soon.

Worth noting that the course is still available and self-paced so you can still sign up for it...

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