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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Capture Life - Week 1: Good morning, good night

I have to admit that I haven't done much (any!) papercutting since my last map commission. I have a lot of ideas and I feel like I'm always thinking about new pieces but I haven't put blade to paper and made anything happen yet. 

Partially to blame for my lack of productivity on the papercut from was that this week I started the Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks challenge from A Beautiful Mess. I've talked about this before but basically this is a self paced course that gives a prompt for photos each week. This is great for someone like me who's only really taken picture of food and the odd shot of a landscape in the past few years. 

So I don't intend to share all the photos I take for this challenge, and maybe not all the weeks, but it has been fun to look over the prompts (I looked ahead - is that cheating?) and see which ones I'm excited for and which ones I know will be hard for me.

This was week 1 and the theme was 'Good morning, good night'. I found this more challenging than I initially thought. I'm not a morning person and my mornings aren't mainly consist of me scrabbling around to find a suitable outfit and racing out the door without brushing my hair - not really conducive to photos! 

But in thinking about my mornings I realised I do really enjoy my commute, which is not something everyone can say! It's a regular part of my morning and I like the process of travelling into London. 


These two photos frame my commute. The Regency Cafe is a famous London greasy spoon that is around the corner from my work and always busy. Check it out if you are ever in town. 

To be honest, 'goodnight' wasn't much easier. I think in the first week of this challenge I have realised that I spend a lot of time rushing about and not much time appreciating where I am at the time. 

I do appreciate out flat. James actually saw it and we accepted it without my having viewed it, which was high risk but luckily paid off. 

As we are in a 1930's estate it's lovely and quiet, something we haven't had in any of our other London homes. 

This is a late winter evening overlooking the communal courtyard area. 

Roll on summer. 

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