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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Paper vs card (well, House of Cards)

Oops. it's been a while since my last post - I wish I could say I was submerged in creativity and have loads of new pieces to show for my silence but in actual fact, like much of the world I have been submerged in season 3 of House of Cards. 

I have been mulling over a few projects though, and I have been working on another custom map order - I'm really happy with this piece. It had an A road running through it that I picked out in yellow. I really like how this works with the slash of blue and yellow. 

In addition to Netflix, another hole I have fallen into is Project Life and scrapbooking... I have sort of always balked at the idea of scrapbooks, I don't know why - I remember when I was a kid one of my mum's friends inherited a Victorian scrapbook from a distant relative. We spent hours poring over it, reading the notes and imagining the woman's life back then. I only remembered that recently when I have been thinking about getting involved myself. 

Project Life does seem like a great way to get started...although it was still challenging to sit down with some photos, pocket pages and journalling cards. I think I find it hard to decide how to organise things - thematically? chronologically? I guess it's just something I'll figure out as I go?

I've tried a few pages so far - I'm pretty happy with them - maybe I'll share some here soon. 

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