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Monday, 23 February 2015

Intro to the instax...

So a couple of weeks ago I very impulsively bought a Instax Neo Classic. This was partially motivated by signing up for the A Beautiful Mess e-course Capture real life in 52 weeks and my frustration that I only ever seem to have virtual photos these days. 

If you aren't familiar with the Fuji Instax cameras they are cute, chunky, instant film cameras. Anyway, so when it arrived I was super excited and loaded it up with the 10 photo cartridge and proceeded to take some very mediocre (and some downright terrible) photos. 

So I read some tips and adjusted my expectations and recently have taken a few that aren't awful...or, aren't as awful as my first. 

 I have just realised that taking photos of instant photos that aren't that good in the first place isn't going to be the best representation of how fun the camera is. 

It is a big hit though. The novelty of having a photo spat out seconds after you take it is such a crowd pleaser and makes giving the photo to someone after so much more satisfying than sharing it online. 
I think so far my photos have taught me a few things about the camera:

- group photos look like they are from the 90's (which I kind of love)

- photos will be darker than expected (I took a picture of snowy landscape and it came out black - weird) so make the most of the 'mode' settings to make them lighter

- there is a slight offset in what you view through the viewfinder and what comes out in the photo

- be prepared to use about 10 photos feeling your way around a camera. I have used lots of cameras from happy-snappy film cameras to old SLRs, digital and this is a different kettle of fish

To the right is my favourite photo so far. I love the contrast, colours and how it looks retro. I also really like this type of abstract architectural photo, so I guess that helps. James took the same photo with his iphone 6 and of course it was much crisper, brighter and vibrant - but I still prefer mine. 

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