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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Gannet diving for herring - papercut

James and I watched the BBC show 'Alaska: Earth's Frozen Kingdom' the other night. We don't often watch nature documentaries which is crazy as we always love them when we do. 

I have always been a bit of a nerd about the natural world, James less so so it's fun to see his reaction to some scenes. One that prompted a lot of commentary was the huge herring shoals that get plundered by birds (gannets in this case) from above and larger fish from below. (James: 'Why are they all in this big crowd?! Seems like a bad idea, if I was a herring I'd be hiding in the reeds').

Anyway, the camera work is always amazing and I had the images in my mind for the rest of the night. 

Then, as often happens, all plans for other projects got shifted when I decided I had to do a papercut of the gannets diving for herring. I was also keen to try out my new Hygloss silhouette paper which arrived a few days ago. 

So, this was a bit of a different style for me. And I will freely admit that on about the 400th fish I was questioning my sanity. But all in all I am really happy how it turned out. It feels like I am pushing myself a lot and it's good.

Right, I'm off to sweep up a million little fish cut-outs that are all over the house. 

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