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Monday, 4 May 2015

Apron with pockets

This weekend I set myself a pretty long 'to-do' list. Typically, I left it all until today. First on my list was to finish an apron I started earlier in the week (part of the A Beautiful Mess Sew with Us course). 

It was pretty great to use up some of the fabric I have collected over the years and never seem to put into action. 

I like how it turned out in general. The original pattern was for a half apron but as I am often a bit of a mess in the kitchen so I wanted to add a top half. I added a bit that was wider at the waist and narrower at the neck - it turned out ok but sort of a little baggy under the chest.....I think I maybe should have done a square? or maybe narrower at the waist (which is what my Mum suggested, I have no idea WHY I didn't listen) Oh well, live and learn. 

Here's the finished piece: 

I put it into action today as another item on my list was to make chocolate chip cookies - I used this recipe and they turned out really well - I always seem to struggle with getting the cookies the right amount of chewy in the middle. I followed the recipe to the tee and it delivered!

Anyway, back to the apron. I'm happy with it, it works (?) and it's nice to have made something cheery and functional. 

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