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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Super easy spinach and feta pie

My main reason for starting this blog was to keep track of what I make (and how). Initially my papercutting work but also other crafting.

Over the last year I have started cooking more. Mainly because I am trying to eat healthier and buy less processed/packaged/preserved stuff but also because food is James and I’s favourite thing ever and we can’t afford to fly to Europe/eat out in London all the time so we (mainly me) try to re-create at home.  

As you can imagine this has led to some pretty disappointing dinners and the odd tantrum or two (mainly me).   

Failures aside, I thought I’d share one of my favourite, easy, go-to dinners. A Greek filo pastry pie. The original recipe is here:  and I haven’t changed it much but just in case it disappears from the Internet here it is:

1. First wilt 250g fresh spinach leaves in a pan (5-7mins should do it), remove from pan to strainer to drain and cool.

2. In a bowl beat 2 eggs and add ~180g (one pack) crumbled Feta cheese, 150g semi dried tomatoes, drained and chopped and mix well.

3. Unroll the filo pastry - I use about 3 sheets in total but this depends on the size of your sheets (mine are about 30cm x 45cm). Take the first sheet and lay it flat on your work surface, daub or brush with the tomato oil then carefully lay it oil face down in your pie tin (loose bottomed is ideal, mine is 20cm in diameter) gently easing the pastry layer to the edges. Repeat with the other 2 sheets arranging at different angles to ensure even pastry coverage.

4. Squeeze excess water from the spinach, chop finely and add to the eggs, mixing well.

5. Plop the filling into the pie tin, spreading evenly. Fold up the pastry edges over the filling toward the middle so the top of the pie is well covered. Daub the top with some extra oil and pop into a 170c oven for about 20 minutes (this pie is pretty forgiving).  

6. Remove and eat. It keeps in the fridge for a few days and is just as nice cold although you miss the crispiness of the filo.

This pie is also a good option for the 5:2 diet, if you care about that sort of thing. 1/4 slice is about 270 calories.

Also, taking photos of food is hard! Especially as I made this one evening so didn't have much natural light as I probably need...luckily this pie isn't much of a looker although it does taste great!

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